Authors to Read (Part II)


March 12, 2017 by Laird

Continuing with my PSA regarding some of the best contemporary horror/weird fiction authors who primarily appear with small/independent presses. All images via

Alan Baxter (Australian noir; hardscrabble horror)

Crow Shine

C.S. E. Cooney (frightful fantasy)

Bone Swans

Yoko Ogawa (not a small press author, but definitely underappreciated here in the USA)


Michael Cisco (only one of the most eminent fantasists of our time)

Animal Money

Mike Allen (journalist, horrorist; this is one of the best cosmic horror collections around)


Steve Duffy (acclaimed horror writer; one of the finer stylists working)

Tragic Life Stories


Gemma Files (the Black Flag of horror)

The Worm in Every Heart

The Worm in Every Heart by [Files, Gemma]

Wilum Pugmire (the Jethro Tull of horror)

Sesqua Valley and other Haunts

Jeffrey Thomas (quintessential weird fiction stylist)


Jon Padgett (studied in the catacombs with Prof. Ligotti)

The Secret of Ventriloquism

7 thoughts on “Authors to Read (Part II)

  1. Jonathan Sprague says:

    You’re killing me! Luckily we just sold our house. Your pithy descriptions are priceless: “Wilum Pugmire (the Jethro Tull of horror).” Really? Mr. Barron, whenever you tire of being a world class writer, go into marketing. You’re very, very good.

  2. terryweyna says:

    AS usual, I bought everything I didn’t already have (except for those that weren’t available for the Kindle — I’m totally out of space for actual paper books). To quote Jonathan, “You’re killing me!” Fortunately, I’m working extra hard so far this month, and it’s expected to continue, so I’ll be able to afford to continue reading your blog.

  3. Jonathan Sprague says:

    So true, Terry. Mr. Barron’s blog is becoming expensive. On Mr. Barron’s punchy recommendations, I purchased kindle editions of books authored by Allen, Files and Baxter. And because the weird Romantic in me loves the delectably decadent Pugmire, I needed no urging to purchase that book.

  4. William says:

    The Secret of Ventriloquism is free on Amazon Kindle. It has been free for a few days now but I’m not sure for how much longer.

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