A Little Brown Book Errata

Last page of “D T”:

So much blood one would think…one might think…

Her head swam as it had that night at the bar and her bizarre encounter with the stranger and she covered her eyes to stop the room’s spinning. She was afraid to vomit because she was suddenly convinced blood would spray from her mouth instead of the salmon and curry she’d eaten for dinner.

The vertigo receded and she steadied herself, wiped away tears and snot, and lifted the manuscript, pried it, from the caved-in skull of the man at her feet, and the paper was heavy, sodden with all that blood and brain matter. Gore saturated the stack from the bottom; the paper sucked it up like a sponge until darkness blotched the title page, obliterated the title itself in a Rorschach pattern of Hell.

Someone knocked and the front door swung open and a figure stood silhouetted in the frame, behind it a purple twilight and the yellow moon cracked and gaping as it swooped toward the earth. The distant city should’ve glowed upon the horizon, but

The figure said in a voice that she recognized, –Where will we go?

–These pages are stuck together, she said. –I’ll never know how it ends.

there were no other lights

2 thoughts on “Errata

  1. Tim Marker says:

    Beginning of a new story or novel? Looks very interesting and I look forward to more.

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