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Black Mountain

“Isaiah Coleridge [is] an intimidating presence…” —Marilyn Stasio for The New York Times Book Review

“…as much Bram Stoker as Lawrence Block.” –Tom Nolan for The Wall Street Journal

“Black Mountain is a crime-horror hybrid that takes the most entertaining elements of both genres and mixes them into something new that pushes the boundaries of contemporary crime fiction.” Gabino Iglesias for the Los Angeles Review of Books

“Like a lyricist, Laird Barron excels at manipulating the tones and cadence of language. Like a Gothic novelist, the mood he creates is often bleak.” –Bruce DeSilva for the Associated Press

“Expertly blending crime and horror, [Barron’s] non-supernatural horrors become cosmic/existential in scope and feel, similar to Peter Straub’s genius novels KOKO, [and] THE THROAT.” Paul Tremblay, bestselling author of The Cabin at the End of the World

“Barron’s second novel featuring retired mob strongman Isaiah Coleridge (after 2018’s Blood Standard) is as nasty as a cornered pit viper—and its plot is about as sinuous.” Publishers Weekly

“For all the darkness in Black Mountain, it has a hero who burns bright.” Heather Seggel for BookPage

“Coleridge is a large, unbelievably strong, scarred man—a thug, yes, but a thinking-person’s thug…Readers with a tolerance for violence will want to meet him.”—Booklist (starred review)

Swift to Chase

Man with No Name

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