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Man with No Name novella arriving from JournalStone on March 18, 2016:

Nanashi was born into a life of violence. Delivered from the streets by the Heron Clan, he mastered the way of the gun and knife and swiftly ascended through yakuza ranks to become a dreaded enforcer. His latest task? He and an entourage of expert killers are commanded to kidnap Muzaki, a retired world-renowned wrestler under protection of the rival Dragon Syndicate.

It should be business as bloody usual for Nanashi and his ruthless brothers in arms, except for the detail that Muzaki possesses a terrifying secret. A secret that will spawn a no-holds barred gang war and send Nanashi on a personal odyssey into immortal darkness.

Front_Cover_Image_Man_With_No_Name (1)

cover art by Robert Grom

“With Man With No Name Laird Barron just staked his claim on the thriller genre. This is bold, complex, and absolutely riveting. Film this right now!” –Jonathan Maberry, New York Times bestselling author of Patient Zero and Predator One



A new novella is arriving soon from JournalStone and Bizarro Pulp Press. Follow the dashing young Tooms brothers and their misadventures through the Golden Age of cosmic horror and pulp science fiction in X’s for Eyes:

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 “This has the narrative velocity of the best thirties pulp, the grim countenance and surly demeanor of the deadliest noir, and a premise the X-Files would wish for.” – Stephen Graham Jones, author of AFTER THE PEOPLE LIGHTS HAVE GONE OFF

“[X’s for Eyes is] so ripe with cosmic horror allusion and riffs that it qualifies as post-modern, but so charged with narrative drive that one can only hold on for dear life and hope to escape with their mind intact.” Jeremy Robert Johnson, author of SKULLCRACK CITY


My latest collection is The Beautiful Thing That Awaits Us All–it features the World Fantasy Award nominated Hand of Glory.

From Library Journal:

Rendered in haunting, elegant prose, the nine interlinked tales in Barron’s latest collection are intricate gems of cosmic horror that gleam with menace. Set in the eerie environs of Olympia, WA, each story presents an intimate character study of a deeply flawed yet strangely sympathetic protagonist whose –(mis)adventures instill a mounting sense of dread in the reader before culminating in a shocking, often gruesome denouement. VERDICT Intricate, subtly interconnected tales of terror will delight fans of H.P. Lovecraft. (c) Copyright 2014. .


*Via Deadline HollywoodPhilip Gelatt and Reno Productions to Adapt Barron’s –30–

*Ellen Datlow’s Nightmare Carnival gets a rave Locus review by Stefan Dziemianowicz in the March issue. What he says about Jessica Mace’s latest exploits:

“In Laird Barron’s “Screaming Elk, MT,” the heroine of his 2013 story, “Termination Dust,” who survived an attack by a supernaturally empowered serial killer, plays a crucial role in ending a curse that has dogged a traveling carnival for half a century. Barron’s protagonist, Jessica Mace, is a wonderfully feisty fighter with a badass streak who can easily hold her own with any of the tale’s macho male characters. She’d make a great series character in future stories.”

*HorrorTalk says of Jessica Mace:

Jessica Mace is the star of Laird Barron’s “Screaming Elk, MT”, a tale that follows our heroine as she gets involved with the drama of the folks of The Gallows Brother Carnival. What makes this one so terrific is not the story itself (and it’s a great one, trust me), but the main character, Jessica. The piece has a wonderful noir feel to it, and Jessica even refers to herself as a femme fatale, but she’s so much more than that. Generally the femme fatale is reserved for the secondary character, and it’s always someone up to no good. But Jessica is far deeper than a throw-away one-dimensional character, and one I’d love to see more of.

Man with No Name

X's for Eyes

The Beautiful Thing That Awaits Us All

The Croning

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Amazon Author Page

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