Authors to Read (Part I)


February 26, 2017 by Laird

Here are a few books published by small and independent presses that deserve the time and attention of weird fiction/horror fans.

A Collapse of Horses Brian Evenson  (great American horror surrealist)

Furnace Livia Llewellyn (sex, lies, and body horror)

At Fear’s Altar Richard Gavin (master occultist)

Ghost Summer Tananarive Due (unsung master fabulist)

Skein and Bone V.H. Leslie (successor of Shirley Jackson and Angela Carter)

Knock, Knock S.P. Miskowski (contemporary gothic storyteller)

Behold the Void Philip Fracassi (from the lineage of McCammon and Matheson)

Behold the Void by [Fracassi, Philip]

The Lure of Devouring Light Michael Griffin (ice cold and cerebral horrorist)

Jagannath Karin Tidbeck (weird fiction done with elegance)

Will the Sun Ever Come Out Again? Nate Southard (blue collar, hard bitten)

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13 thoughts on “Authors to Read (Part I)

  1. Reblogged this on Philip Fracassi and commented:
    Appreciate the mention here. Some very talented writers / books to check out.

  2. Jonathan Sprague says:

    As a reader, I appreciate that you took the time and effort to endorse these books (I was only aware of about half of these books). As a human being, I deeply appreciate your selfless gesture to encourage your readers, fans and admirers to read the works of competitors. Classy.

  3. Bruce Chrumka says:

    Great list, Laird. Thanks for the touts.

  4. Reblogged this on On Books and Writing and commented:
    Laird Barron recommends books. And when Laird recs books, you best listen.

  5. […] a recent blog post Laird Barron listed ten authors and small press books to read. It’s an honor for me to be […]

  6. I freaking want all these. Thank you!

  7. […] Chase), started a series of posts over at his journal simply titled “Authors to Read.” Part I, from late February, highlighted great books from Karin Tidbeck, Livia Llewelyn and more; and I was […]

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