News Roundup: WFA, David G Hartwell


November 1, 2016 by Laird

Bob Pastorella profiles my career for This is Horror.

Swift to Chase received a nice review at Publishers Weekly.  ” Few writers would have the imagination to transform the late performance artist Andy Kaufman into a figure of deadly menace, but Barron does so brilliantly in “Andy Kaufman Creeping Through the Trees,” backing up the counter-intuitive conceit with pitch-perfect execution that turns Kaufman’s “dopey, amiable peasant smirk” into a chilling threat.”

Congratulations to the winners and nominees of the 2016 World Fantasy Award. Thank you to the committee and my fellow judges. Everyone worked hard, but Elaine Isaak and Kay Kenyon especially so. Additional thanks to Peter Dennis Pautz and Gordon Van Gelder for their responsiveness and professionalism during the process.

Finally, a special word regarding the life and legacy of David G. Hartwell: I never knew him well, but he welcomed me into the field with a warm smile and a clap on the shoulder. He and Kathryn Cramer reprinted three of my stories in their acclaimed Year’s Best Fantasy series. David Hartwell also endorsed my debut collection. That meant the world to me, coming from the legendary editor of The Dark Descent, a book that has done much to shape my writing over the years.

Rest in peace, Mr. Hartwell. Thank you.

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One thought on “News Roundup: WFA, David G Hartwell

  1. lilthundercloud says:

    I’m loving Swift To Chase and I must say that “Andy Kaufman Creeping Through the Trees” has become one of my all-time favorite stories.

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