Swift to Chase to be Published by JournalStone


October 26, 2015 by Laird

I am proud to announce that JournalStone is bringing out my next collection. Swift to Chase will arrive in the fall of 2016. No ordering information quite yet, however I’ll update as news comes in. For the moment, here’s a preview of the table of contents which includes an original novella, Tomahawk Park Survivors Raffle. This is the first book in what I informally consider the “Alaska trilogy.”

Thank you to the editors who originally selected and published these stories; and extra thanks to my agent Janet Reid and publisher Christopher Payne for putting this deal together. Finally, thank you to my readers for your support. More news soon.


Screaming Elk, MT: The further adventures of Jessica Mace. This time she’s mixed up with a cursed carnival.

LD50: Jessica Mace, a young woman famous for surviving a massacre, investigates a serial killer of dogs in the badlands of Eastern Washington

Termination Dust: All hell breaks loose in a massive apartment complex when a modern day Jack the Ripper strikes under cover of a blizzard.

Andy Kaufman Creeping through the Trees: Cheer-leading captain Julie Vellum is having a bad year. Her dad is dying of cancer. She sprained her neck on the trampoline. Rival Jessica Mace plans to do her more bodily harm. Worst of all, she’s hired an old pal to impersonate Tony Clifton for a private show. Totally worst idea, ever.

Ardor:  While tracking a missing B-movie actor, a team of man hunters crashes in the Yukon Delta.

the worms crawl in,: Elmer’s deranged plot to murder his wife’s lover goes awry during a camping trip.

(Little Miss) Queen of Darkness: Following an occult initiation ritual, a man is stalked by a psychopathic sorority girl and her team of horrifically disfigured henchmen

Ears Prick Up: Rex, an atomic-powered cyborg war dog, loyally assists his master in the overthrow of a far-future dystopian empire.

Slave Arm: Monstrously disfigured psychopaths attack young party-goers in what may be part of a global conspiracy, or a prelude to an extinction level event.

Black Dog: A nameless couple embarks upon a fateful first-date on All Hallows Eve.

Frontier Death Song: A broken-down outdoorsman and his loyal hound are pursued along the US interstate by the Wild Hunt.

Tomahawk Park Survivors Raffle: A rich lunatic invites several high school classmates to his mansion for a night of sex, drugs, and CIA-funded black ops experiments.

6 thoughts on “Swift to Chase to be Published by JournalStone

  1. James McGlothlin says:

    Awesome! Excited!

  2. yvestourigny says:

    I’m very much looking forward to this collection, and all future ones. The odds are good that I’ll have tracked down most of the stories in it by the time it comes out.

  3. Alex Sheers says:

    This is amazing news! Really looking forward to this (although we’ve still got about a year to go yet) and X’s For Eyes. More Laird is always cause for celebration – I’ve got a resurgence of the enthusiasm I felt reading Old Virginia way back when and realizing there was a back catalogue of stories by the same author that I needed to get hold of. Congratulations!

    • Laird says:

      Thank you, Alex. I have quite a few new stories that were released this year or will be in 2016. I appreciate that you’ve followed my work since the days of Old V.

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