Final ToC of the Year’s Best Weird Fiction, Volume One


March 30, 2014 by Laird

Michael Kelly and I are very pleased to announce the Table of Contents for the Year’s Best Weird Fiction, Volume One, due August. 

“Success” by Michael Blumlein, The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Nov./Dec.

“Like Feather, Like Bone” by Kristi DeMeester, Shimmer #17

“A Terror” by Jeffrey Ford,, July.

“The Key to Your Heart Is Made of Brass” by John R. Fultz, Fungi #21

“A Cavern of Redbrick” by Richard Gavin, Shadows & Tall Trees #5

“The Krakatoan” by Maria Dahvana Headley, Nightmare Magazine/The Lowest Heaven, July.

“Bor Urus” by John Langan, Shadow’s Edge

“Furnace” by Livia Llewellyn, The Grimscribe’s Puppets

“Eyes Exchange Bank” by Scott Nicolay, The Grimscribe’s Puppets

“A Quest of Dream” by W.H. Pugmire, Bohemians of Sesqua Valley

“(he) Dreams of Lovecraftian Horror” by Joseph S. Pulver Sr., Lovecraft eZine #28

“Dr. Blood and the Ultra Fabulous Glitter Squadron” by A.C. Wise, Ideomancer Vol. 12 Issue 2

“The Year of the Rat” by Chen Quifan, The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, July/August.

“Fox into Lady” by Anne-Sylvie Salzman, Darkscapes

“Olimpia’s Ghost” by Sofia Samatar, Phantom Drift #3

“The Nineteenth Step” by Simon Strantzas, Shadows Edge

“The Girl in the Blue Coat” by Anna Taborska, Exotic Gothic 5 Vol. 1

“In Limbo” by Jeffrey Thomas, Worship the Night

“Moonstruck” by Karin Tidbeck, Shadows & Tall Trees #5

“Swim Wants to Know If It’s as Bad as Swim Thinks” by Paul Tremblay, Bourbon Penn #8

“No Breather in the World But Thee” by Jeff VanderMeer, Nightmare Magazine, March.

“Shall I Whisper to You of Moonlight, of Sorrow, of Pieces of Us?” by Damien Angelica Walters, Shock Totem #7.

art by Santiago Caruso

11 thoughts on “Final ToC of the Year’s Best Weird Fiction, Volume One

  1. Kevin says:

    Is this the same Michael Kelly that wrote “Apophis” and “Ægishjalmur ” and others in that series?

  2. Quinn Y says:

    Will this book ever be available in print? The link you indicated only shows an e-book for sale.

  3. Quinn Y says:

    Nevermind I’ve found the paperback edition

  4. […] story “Moonstruck” (first published in Shadows & Tall Trees #5) is included in the The Year’s Best Weird Fiction, Volume One, edited by Michael Kelly and Laird Barron and planned for publication in August. Contributors […]

  5. Kenton Sem says:

    I’m really happy to see this, Laird. Since we seem to be experiencing a kind of weird fiction renaissance, a “Year’s Best” anthology will be the perfect thing to foreground these authors. I hope that you’ll be providing an in-depth intro…

  6. […] made it into the book (which is going to be a wonderful anthology — Table of Contents here), and thanks to Laird Barron and Michael Kelly of Undertow Publications for all the hard work. The […]

  7. ryanbuellguy says:

    Is there way to get a reviewer copy?

  8. […] Sofia Samatar ou Jeff Vandermeer. A lista completa de conteúdos pode ser consultada no site do organizador  e eis a […]

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