Adam Nevill Reading List for 2013


December 23, 2013 by Laird

Adam Nevill has posted a list of his favorite books from this year. A couple of mine are on there; he makes interesting comments about them and a number of other books.


3 thoughts on “Adam Nevill Reading List for 2013

  1. eric keys says:

    It is a very interesting list. Puts you in some nice company. By the way, I agree with him about The Croning. I’m only about 30% through The Beautiful Thing, so I’m reserving my opinion on that one! (So far, I like it a lot.)

    Matt Cardin is an extremely interesting writer. He tackles theology in a way that is much more enjoyable and interesting than a lot of writers I read. He goes, I think, beyond the simple ideas a lot of horror writers use when it comes to talking about God, existence, non-existence, etc…

  2. Durand Welsh says:

    I really liked Adam’s list. (I’m a big fan of The Ritual.) Had a good time going through it and downloading Kindle samples. I’ve never read any of Matt Cardin’s stuff. Richard Gavin’s The Word-Made Flesh was an awesome short story, but I haven’t got his collection yet.

    I really liked The Croning. Pre-ordered it in hardback when it first got released. The Beautiful Thing is getting good distribution down here in Sydney. Way better than The Imago Sequence and The Croning. They’ve got copies of The Beautiful Thing at both of the biggest bookstores in the centre of the city. Picked up a copy for my brother’s missus for Christmas because she likes horror. (She’s an old Books of Blood fan).

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