1. NecronomiCon 2017


    August 11, 2017 by Laird

    I have a lot of respect for the manner that Niels Hobbs and his NecronomiCon team attempt to negotiate the often fractious …
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  2. John Langan Interview


    August 3, 2017 by Laird

    Part I of a big two part interview with horror author John Langan at This Is Horror. Check out John’s Bram Stoker …
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  3. Weston Ochse and Gemma Files


    July 28, 2017 by Laird

    I had the opportunity to hang out with Gemma and Weston last weekend at Necon 37. Gemma Files is simply …
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  4. After Camp Necon


    July 27, 2017 by Laird

    My first Necon has come and gone. This convention has a loyal following. I understand, after experiencing the tradition firsthand, why …
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  5. Camp Necon

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    July 18, 2017 by Laird

    July 20-23, I’ll be a guest at Camp Necon 37 alongside Gemma Files, Weston Ochse, Kristina Carroll, and Lynne Hansen. Very much …
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  6. Hops and Monsters Show


    July 10, 2017 by Laird

    Recently, I hung out with Ross Lockhart on the Hops and Monsters podcast. Thanks to the guys for having us come around …
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  7. For my Dad on this Day


    June 18, 2017 by Laird

    I am older now, by a couple of years, than my father was the day I left Alaska for good. …
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