Art by Sergiy Krykun

Art by Sergiy Krykun

Miskatonic Musings Ep. 113 2015 (recording)

Electric Literature 2015

The Internal Vista is Infinite–TLO 2015

Random Ass Interview–2015

Good Reads Mad Reads–Episode 6 2014 (recording)

Schlock Magazine 2014

Building a Better Shark 2014 (recording)

With Michael Kelly at Weird Fiction Review 2014

Surreal Sermons 2014 (recording)

Reddit AMA 2014

Fata Libelli 2014

Unwinnable 2014

Michael Wehunt (Shock Totem #7) 2013

Darker Interview 2013

Opinionator Interview 2013

Twisted Tales Interview 2013

Agony Column Interview 2013

Stages of Horrific Vision in “The Forest” 2013

Poetry & Cosmic Horror Interview 2013

Punchnel’s Interview 2012

Cosmicomicon Review & Interview 2012

An Interview with Laird Barron at Crows n Bones 2012

Speculate podcast interview (featuring John Hornor Jacobs) 2011 (recording)

This Is Horror interview 2011

First Blood, Interview with Norman Partridge 2010

Interview with Laird Barron at Books are My Only Friends (part 1) 2009

More questions with Laird Barron at Books are My Only Friends (part 2) 2009/2010

The Shirley Jackson Awards Blog Laird BarronInterview by Charles Tan a short interview 2009

Laird Barron interview at the Shirley Jackson blog 2008

Feature: Interview with Laird Barron by Charles Tan 2008

Swift to Chase

Man with No Name

X's for Eyes

The Beautiful Thing That Awaits Us All

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