Shiva, Open Your Eye


August 12, 2017 by Laird

My first pro sale, “Shiva, Open Your Eye,” appeared sixteen years ago this month in the Kate Wilhelm special edition of F&SF.

Space & Time lost the submission as did Writers of the Future. Talebones rejected it after one page. The Magazine of F&SF had it for about a week and sent me a brief, matter of fact acceptance note. Something along the lines of, thanks for the sub, check is en route.

Thank you, Gordon.

image via F&SF


5 thoughts on “Shiva, Open Your Eye

  1. Holy hell, I think I have that issue stashed in one of my manuscript/errata boxes. Gordon Van Gelder, in 1994, actually took the time to write a very useful 1-page critique of my first (pretty bad) novel. They don’t make editors like him so often anymore!

  2. Kyle Flowers says:

    I can’t imagine a world where that wasn’t published and subsequently- your talent not shown to the masses. So whoever it was at that magazine- 1,000 thank yous! My personal introduction was so random that it’s worth mentioning- I am a resident of Mooresville, NC- a sleepy Bible Belt town right outside the city of Charlotte. I just happened to pick up OCCULTATION at the LOCAL LIBRARY!! Sitting on a new release rack with some strange name and odd artwork. I kept it for a month and eventually had to return it. I screamed the book’s praises from the streets and three months later when I came back for more- there was a SIX MONTH WAITING LIST! Broke down and bought the hardback and learned about THE IMAGO SEQUENCE, bought it, and looked for any anthology, collection with the name Laird Barron. Who woulda thought! A tiny enclave separated by thousands of miles who know that Barron is the greatest horror writer of our time.

    • Kyle Flowers says:

      By the way- what’s up with the -30- adaptation? I’m getting antsy

      • Laird says:

        Kyle–thank you very much for that note. The adaptation is premiering next month in Portland, OR at the Lovecraft Film Festival. A wider release will happen this winter/next spring.

  3. Kyle Flowers says:

    Awesome! I know you’re a busy dude, so thank you for the reply. I know all of your fans are looking forward to the movie’s release and are anxious to know how faithful it is to the story. The atmosphere seemed extremely important to -30-; I wonder how the desert/Mars landscape I envisioned will change with what seems like a NE wooded setting. Can’t wait to find out! Thanks again.

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