Shiva, Open Your Eye


August 12, 2017 by Laird

My first pro sale, “Shiva, Open Your Eye,” appeared sixteen years ago this month in the Kate Wilhelm special edition of F&SF.

Space & Time lost the submission as did Writers of the Future. Talebones rejected it after one page. The Magazine of F&SF had it for about a week and sent me a brief, matter of fact acceptance note. Something along the lines of, thanks for the sub, check is en route.

Thank you, Gordon.

image via F&SF


One thought on “Shiva, Open Your Eye

  1. Holy hell, I think I have that issue stashed in one of my manuscript/errata boxes. Gordon Van Gelder, in 1994, actually took the time to write a very useful 1-page critique of my first (pretty bad) novel. They don’t make editors like him so often anymore!

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