Locus Reading List


February 1, 2017 by Laird

The 2017 Locus Recommended Reading List is live.

image via Locus Online

5 thoughts on “Locus Reading List

  1. Bruce Chrumka says:

    Urgh. My entire year has been taken hostage.

    Swift to Case was bloody brilliant. Looking forward to reading your pal’s new novel.

    Very best,


  2. Jonathan Sprague says:

    Mr. Barron, I don’t wish to place you in an awkward position, but which books on the 2016 Locus Reading List (“LRL”) do you recommend for supernatural horror and/or Mythos readers? I’m a fan of both sub-genres. Even if you don’t respond, thanks for sharing the 2016 LRL.

  3. Laird says:

    The Fisherman by John Langan; Mongrels by Jones; Good Girls by Hirshberg; Guran and Datlow anthologies are excellent; in regard to Mythos-oriented anthologies, I think Mike Davis’ Autumn Cthulhu may the sleeper of the bunch. Furnace by Llewellyn; haven’t seen Straub’s collection, although I’ve many of his short stories. Few equal him

    • Jonathan Sprague says:

      Thanks for taking the time to reply. I appreciate the courtesy. I’ll order the novels by Langan, Jones and Hirshberg.

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