Dowling and Tambour


August 3, 2016 by Laird

Thank you to Matthew Summers for our recent chat at Smash Dragons. It’s a wide ranging interview; we talked about a few authors I admire, including Stephen Graham Jones, Kaaron Warren, and Paul Tremblay.

Matthew asked about my favorite Australian authors and I inadvertently omitted two of the best–Terry Dowling and Anna Tambour. Dowling is a fixture in Ellen Datlow’s anthologies. He does it all, but his horror is particularly effective. Tambour also  covers a range; some of her best work is dark, indeed. I highly recommend her latest collection, The Finest Ass in the Universe.


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4 thoughts on “Dowling and Tambour

  1. Jonathan Sprague says:

    Wow. What a great interview. You’re the most quotable author I read: “We’re all on the same road, plodding forward into the great dark.” Can’t beat that. Best of luck is all your projects. Literature’s influence may be declining but you, in my estimation, remain a national treasure. I know you’re busy but I just finished “I am Providence by Nick Mamatas. That book was clever, funny and original is its skewering of Lovecraft fanboys and fangirls. I did not recognize you in any of the characters. Small favors and all that.

  2. Greg Ziegler says:

    Dear sir, I may have to cancel my email subscription. Every time you send me something I buy a related book. I’ve just bought three from this interview alone. On the other hand I some great reading to do…

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