Swift to Chase Ordering Info


July 10, 2016 by Laird

My latest collection, Swift to Chase, is available for pre-order from JournalStone. Ordering options for Amazon and other retailers will follow soon. Thanks to the editors who originally published the various stories (it contains one long original), Chris Payne and co. at JournalStone for helping put this together, Paul Tremblay for the introduction, and Chuck Killorin for the cover art.

This will hit the street the first week of October 2016.

Front_Cover_Image_Swift_to_Chaseart by Chuck Killorin


Laird Barron’s fourth collection gathers a dozen stories set against the backdrops of the Alaskan wilderness, far-future dystopias, and giallo-fueled nightmare vistas.

All hell breaks loose in a massive apartment complex when a modern day Jack the Ripper strikes under cover of a blizzard; a woman, famous for surviving a massacre, hits the road to flee the limelight and finds her misadventures have only begun; while tracking a missing B-movie actor, a team of man hunters crashes in the Yukon Delta and soon realize the Arctic is another name for hell; an atomic-powered cyborg war dog loyally assists his master in the overthrow of a far-future dystopian empire; Following an occult initiation ritual, a man is stalked by a psychopathic sorority girl and her team of horrifically disfigured henchmen; a rich lunatic invites several high school classmates to his mansion for a night of sex, drugs, and CIA-funded black ops experiments; and other glimpses into occulted realities a razor’s slice beyond our own.

Combining hardboiled noir, psychological horror, and the occult, Swift to Chase continues three-time Shirley Jackson Award winner Barron’s harrowing inquiry into the darkness of the human heart.

17 thoughts on “Swift to Chase Ordering Info

  1. Reblogged this on Philip Fracassi and commented:
    New Barron collection now available for pre-order. It’s a very good day.

  2. Martin says:

    I have been so excited for this collection. Now my summer can have a purpose!

  3. Kevin z says:

    The synopsis looks like this will be an incredible read. I cannot wait, man. Your books always hit in oddly synchronous ways. Life says “read this…..now!”
    Always something to take.

    • Laird says:

      Hi, Kevin. Still writing about rough characters on the edge of the abyssal divide. Different style from the older collections, though. Thanks for reading.

  4. fletchav says:

    Good times ahead

  5. Bruce Chrumka says:

    ….and ordered. Can’t wait.


  6. Nicholas says:

    Ordered the hardcover! I’m so excited for this collection. Tomahawk Park Survivors Raffle sounds amazing.

  7. Fenris Technique says:

    Pre-ordered, looking forward to it.

  8. Nickronomicon says:

    I’m a huge fan and really looking forward to getting my hands on this in a few days. You’ve become one of my favorite authors, thank you for writing such great stories. My preferred reading format is out of the Nook app will this book be available in the Nook store?

    Thanks again, can’t wait!

  9. Very excited. I work in a bookstore in northern Michigan and have been recommending your books left and right (“The Beautiful Thing…” was/is an especially good seller). I LOVE having intelligent horror/weird fiction to recommend, and converting the uninitiated. Thank you!

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