Ellen Datlow Interview


March 29, 2016 by Laird

The one and only Ellen Datlow was recently recently interviewed at The Lovecraft eZine. Ellen has several new projects on the way–give it a listen.

One thought on “Ellen Datlow Interview

  1. Jonathan Sprague says:

    Ellen Datlow is a fascinating interview. I would love to read a Datlow edited ghost story anthology, which she mentioned as a possible future project. I hope she can successfully pitch it.

    As a reader, I was fascinated by three things. First, Datlow is most bothered, not by bad writing, but by mediocre writing, which she encounters a lot. Second, Lovecraft themed anthologies are still commercially hot. As Datlow commented, the bottom has yet to fall out. Last, and in the clearly most awkward moment of the interview, after Datlow stated that she does not buy, and has no time for, Lovecraftian pastiches or, as she puts it, “tentacles”, one of the author-interviewers defensively remarked that he writes Lovecraftian pastiches. An awkward silence ensued.

    Thanks for the heads up. A great interview.

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