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December 22, 2015 by Laird

I recently participated on a round table discussion regarding weird fiction with Justin Steele and Scott Nicolay over at The Outer Dark podcast. Here’s a link to the show.

Meanwhile, I am kicking myself for misplacing my notes, because while the discussion ranged far and wide, I neglected to cover one topic that had been on my agenda–cover art and illustrations. I basically had a Steve Harvey moment. Perhaps Scott will revisit the subject of illustrations, or even better, have some artists on his show.

I have been blessed with with cover art over the years. Take a gander at the sidebar or browse my Books tab and you’ll see what I mean. David Ho’s cover for The Light Is the Darkness remains a favorite, as does Matthew Jaffe’s painting for Occultation and Other Stories. I published a novella with Bizarro Pulp Press. It was my great fortune to land Matthew Revert as the cover artist/designer for X’s for Eyes. The results blew me away, but he does that all the time. He’s among the hottest cover artists on the scene and with reason.

Packaging is important. Books are artifacts; cover art and layout can go a long way to elevating the visual experience. Doubly good when the exterior art captures some glimmer of nuance from the written material. I hope to get many more Revert covers down the road.

Matthew also scored an insane new horror flick, Cat Sick Blues.

images by Matthew Revert via Amazon

2 thoughts on “Matthew Revert

  1. I have had Nick Gucker on, and Matthew Revert will be my guest in May. I agree that artists are a vital part of our community.

  2. Shane Keene says:

    Pretty sure Revert did the cover design for Molly Tanzer’s THE PLEASURE MERCHANT, my favorite cover of the year.

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