Clint Smith on The Outer Dark


November 24, 2015 by Laird

Clint Smith talks about his excellent collection Ghouljaw on this week’s The Outer Dark. Michael Kelly discusses Year’s Best Weird Fiction, Volume 3 and the inimitable Justin Steele does a feature review of my latest novella, X’s for Eyes.

And yes, JS is on the money–Christopher Payne of JournalStone and I have plans to release more novellas set in the X’s for Eyes universe.



(1) Ghouljaw and Other Stories - FINAL Cover Ghouljaw                                       image via The Outer Dark

3 thoughts on “Clint Smith on The Outer Dark

  1. Thank you for your continued support of The OD, Laird.

  2. Ian Hagan says:

    I am quite a fan of your work, and thoroughly enjoyed ‘We Smoke the Northern Lights’. It was, at least to me, a dark reflection of Johnny Quest, like a boy’s journey gone sideways on a H.S. Thompson bender. I am interested in where the title came from.

    • Laird says:

      Hi, Ian. I was outlining a different story where a character smokes weed (There’s a variety of marijuana called Northern Lights) while observing the Aurora Borealis. It occurred to me a godlike being would/could smoke the lights.

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