The New Yorker covers Ligotti


October 29, 2015 by Laird

Peter Bebergal talks about Thomas Ligotti. And if you haven’t snapped up the Penguin Classics reissue of Songs of a Dead Dreamer & Grimscribec’mon already!

Thomas Ligotti says, “I tend to stipulate in my work that the world by its nature already exists in a state of doom rather than being in the process of doom.”image via The New Yorker

2 thoughts on “The New Yorker covers Ligotti

  1. Jonathan Sprague says:

    The New Yorker writer saved Ligotti’s anti-natalism for the very end by referencing Ligotti’s belief in the “derangement of creation.” Like Nietzche’s eternal recurrence doctrine I consider Ligotti’s anti-natalism to be uninteresting. It’s Ligotti’s dark dread that grips me. I love this man’s short fiction.

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