X’s for Eyes: Cover by Revert


October 23, 2015 by Laird

JournalStone in association with Bizarro Pulp Press is publishing my novella, X’s for Eyes this December to coincide with The Gods Of H.P. Lovecraft. 

Set in the 1950s, X’s for Eyes follows the pulp-cosmic horror misadventures of Macbeth (14) and Drederick Tooms (12), scions of a Machiavellian corporate family.

The novella is around 25k and will release in softcover and electronic editions. Please note that the first part of this novella will also be available as a standalone story called “We Smoke the Northern Lights” in The Gods of HP Lovecraft.

Preorder information coming soon. Meanwhile, have a gander at the cover art by Matthew Revert. The man is amazing.

Meanwhile, Stephen Graham Jones, author of AFTER THE PEOPLE LIGHTS HAVE GONE OFF, says:

“This has the narrative velocity of the best thirties pulp, the grim countenance and surly demeanor of the deadliest noir, and a premise the X-Files would wish for.”

x's for eyes cover alphaArt by Matthew Revert

16 thoughts on “X’s for Eyes: Cover by Revert

  1. nickthehat says:

    Psyched! Cover looks great!

  2. yvestourigny says:

    That cover looks great. I`m looking forward to ordering the novella.

  3. Chris Angelucci says:

    Something to look forward to! Thank you for the preview.

  4. goatheadbuckley says:

    Love me some Revert. Can’t wait.

  5. griffinwords says:

    Fantastic cover! Matthew Revert is so damn good.

  6. EL Greiff says:

    Gorgeous cover. But … December! Come on.

  7. John McNulty says:

    Let the revels and celebrations commence! Also, great cover art.

  8. Kevin Larkin Angioli says:

    Looks X-Citing! Great cover!

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