Watch This: Dirty Laundry


May 5, 2015 by Laird

They say Tom Hardy wants to play Punisher. I like Hardy. He’d do fine. But we already have the right guy for the job. Let’s give Thomas Jane another crack at a feature film.

7 thoughts on “Watch This: Dirty Laundry

  1. lilthundercloud says:

    I couldn’t agree more!

  2. I wonder if that ending was an homage to a commercial you may remember:

  3. Laird says:

    That was a popular commercial when I was a kid. I wouldn’t be surprised if the end scene is a reference…

  4. mcglothlin13 says:

    Awesome! I’ve never seen this before. It’s much better than the movie he did back in 2004.

  5. According to the description, this was a fan film!!!! I would watch the whole thing if it were directed by this guy. Really excellent.

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