On Writing: Lumps


April 13, 2015 by Laird

Writing is a form of masochism. Students complain of tough instructors. New authors complain of tough editors. Established authors complain about bad reviews.

It doesn’t get easier with publication or paychecks or awards. Good editors continue to bust your chops. As far as reviews go, novelist Joe Abercrombie sums it up nicely: “If everyone loves your stuff, it’s not being read widely enough.”

6 thoughts on “On Writing: Lumps

  1. cruxymox says:

    i look forward to the day where editors far and wide hate my writing.

    (seriously, how else would i improve?)

  2. Spooky Sean says:

    Hey, find what you love, and let it kill you, and so on, and so forth.

  3. Paige Ellen says:

    I love your comment on “Lumps.” I especially liked the Abercrombie quote. I used to teach a group on living well. One of my favorite sayings was that if no one was pissed off at you, you weren’t doing your job well enough. Good stuff, Laird.

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