Formicate! Formicate!


April 4, 2015 by Laird

I watched this on the silver screen when it hit in the early ’70s. That means I was four or five and probably still eating stray ants. Could be the experience altered my brain chemistry. Watched it again last year and the film holds up with bizarre magnificence. Phase IV fits my conception of all that is unholy about horror and weird fiction/cinema.

Adam Mills takes a good whack at why this is an important weird film.

4 thoughts on “Formicate! Formicate!

  1. tom fattorusso says:

    Part of a series of super creepy 70’s horror/sci-fi/ —lets remember with heads bowed the brotherhood of Satan, the devils rain, kingdom of the spiders- and of course race with the devil for similar creep fests.

    I so wish we would start to see them come back- the recent Sinister reminded me of this niche genre with its daring set pieces non traditional protagonist and down beat ending-

    I think LB writes in similar vein- no one is safe.

    It follows- BTW- works, surely, but there are a few glaring issues that holds it to a comfortable B slot– barley missing A status-

  2. Laird – off topic question. I lent my copy of “Beautiful Thing” to a friend, and he really loved ‘Hand of Glory’ and we would both like to know if we read about the exploits of John Cope again?

  3. Laird says:

    Hi, Sharon. I am uncertain about the time frame, but more Cope stories are on the drawing board…

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