Release Day for Southard & Walters

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March 11, 2015 by Laird

Two excellent collections have dropped in the past 24 hours. Nate Southard’s Will the Sun Ever Come Out Again? hews toward the traditions of crime and noir and mixes in plenty of supernatural horror.

“[Southard] doesn’t pull his punches, he doesn’t flinch from the harsh truth, and he doesn’t coddle his characters or the reader. And no, he isn’t constrained by the usual paradigms. What Southard is, is one of the hardest working writers tilling the field. He’s a maestro in the art of lo-fi blood in your eye horror, psycho-slasher creepiness. That’s only the beginning of the particular madness he’s laying down: Horror is merely a sample of his palette. His narratives pitch into crime, science fiction, and pulp noir with admirable facility. I possess a fondness for the Ellroy/Thompson end of the spectrum–scotch, lead, and femmes fatals, and so does Southard. His words smell of gun smoke that follows five rounds and whips of sparks through the barrel of a .41 magnum. He captures the reek of flop sweat and the baritone drone of murderous bastards talking themselves into another killing. He drives a story with steely-eyed recklessness down night-roads, tires screaming, headlights out, strange silhouettes rearranging through a windshield smashed to hell in a spider web of cracks.” -Laird Barron (from his introduction)

The other book that just hit: Sing Me Your Scars by Damien Angelica Walters. Walters has made serious inroads into the genre scene over the past few years. Her work is powerfully imaginative and dark, dark, dark. She’s a major talent on the rise and this will be one of the finer horror/dark fantasy collections of 2015.

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