Carrion Gods Playlist

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February 25, 2015 by Laird

Thanks to Mlle Ghoul for this neat playlist inspired by “The Carrion Gods in their Heaven.”

► 8tracks | in a voice rusty and rugged | ghoulnextdoorInspired by Laird Barron’s short story “The Carrion Gods in Their Heavens” in the collection The Beautiful Thing That Awaits Us All.Tracklist: Strange Moon Rising, Smoke Fairies  | Locksång På Orgel, Daniel Olsén |    Nocturnal, Orion Rigel Dommisse  | A Retinue Of Moons/ The Infidel Is Me, Rasputina  | Feral Love, CHELSEA WOLFE  | Heavenly Creatures, Wolf Alice  | Well Of Tuhala, Fursaxa  | The Heart Full Of Eyes I Am, Current 93  | No Dog, Esben And The Witch  | Black Eyed Dog, Swans  | How The Gods, Kill Owl Service  | I Am The Wolf, Mark Lanegan  | Umingmak, Tanya Tagaq  | Werewolf The Path Ost,  | White Fanged Foreverness, Mariee Sioux  | image via Mlle Ghoul

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