Athena, Tough Cookie


February 24, 2015 by Laird

Athena from two years ago. I found a malignant lump on her that morning. The lump presented over a forty-eight hour window. I was shaken up because she’d gone through this before and it seemed a losing battle at the time. The vet got it, though. Athena has been cancer free since.

Photos courtesy of Jessica M.

2013-01-25 08.14.31

2013-01-25 08.15.19

2013-01-25 08.24.50

2013-01-25 08.21.53

8 thoughts on “Athena, Tough Cookie

  1. Was she named after a certain warrior-goddess because she is tough?

  2. Kevin z says:

    Glad she is doing well. We had a similar scare on our male cattle dog’s prostate. All is well. But pets, dogs specifically (probably because of their eyes and loyalty), are very difficult creatures to bear witness to their pains.

    It’s a Frontier Death Song all the way, man.

  3. J says:

    Glad she is ok! She looks adorable.

  4. Bruce Lange says:

    Be well the both of you.

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