Watch This: The Backwater Gospel


February 18, 2015 by Laird

Here’s an animated short feature that captures the fervor and passion of the gospels. It reminds me of the cheery gleam in my mom’s eye when she started rapping about the OT.

Not safe for work, or anywhere, probably. Thanks to Zebulon Whatley for the tip.

10 thoughts on “Watch This: The Backwater Gospel

  1. nickthehat says:

    Ah, I remember this from a few years ago, most excellent! You might enjoy the macabre rantings of the band Those Poor Bastards if you enjoyed the music for this.

  2. Yes, I saw this a few months ago and could never find it again. The tone in this is perfection. Thanks for the share!

  3. lilthundercloud says:

    That was absolutely brilliant! Thank you!

  4. John McNulty says:

    Creepadelic. Beautiful animation. Reminded me of a hellish version of Rango w/ some Tom Waits thrown in. Thanks for the recommendation. Also thanks for the Phase IV rec. Psychedelic ’70’s weirdness. Definitely see the influence in your work, especially stuff like .30 and The Forest. Keep on keepin’ it cosmically creepy! Rock on…

    • Laird says:

      Creepadelic indeed. Yes, I watched Phase IV in the theater, so I was four or five. Made a hell of an impression on me.

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