Europa Report, Alaska, 1982, & Charles Manson


February 14, 2015 by Laird

The main inspiration for “–30–” was an article I read about a CSI team searching for bodies at the Manson Ranch. The vision of a team of investigators camped out on an (potential) old killing ground haunted me. A reviewer quipped something along the lines of my story being “The Shining in the woods” but after the Manson investigation, films such as Carpenter’s The Thing and Bass’ Phase IV were bigger influences. Not so much as plot devices, but as points of reference for the mood of the piece and my own while writing it.

Probably the greatest influence upon how the story matured can be attributed to a year my family spent in the deep mountains near Glenallen, Alaska. Some of the events depicted in the story sprang directly  from my family’s unsettling experiences during that summer & winter of ’82. There are definitely cultists in Alaska and our camp was once glassed by a crazed fellow armed with a hunting rifle.

The gentleman who will be adapting “–30–” wrote Europa Report. A creepy science fiction film and one of the best (alongside Moon) to hit in recent years.

2 thoughts on “Europa Report, Alaska, 1982, & Charles Manson

  1. Kevin Z says:

    This sounds like it’s gonna be something special. I gotta find the story now.
    Also, if you have time, the song “Rumbrave” by the band Murder By Death is neat. I look at it as a patchwork of many of your characters dealing with wild places…

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