Seize the Night–Cover & ToC


February 9, 2015 by Laird

Christopher Golden has put together Seize the Night, a vampire anthology for Gallery Books. He took a novelette of mine called, “In a cavern, in a Canyon.”  

Preorders will be up in a month or so. Meanwhile, here’s a peek at the cover and ToC.

seize it

Table of Contents

Kelley Armstrong
John Ajvide Lindqvist
Laird Barron
Gary A. Braunbeck
Dana Cameron
Dan Chaon and Lynda Barry
Charlaine Harris
Brian Keene
Sherrilyn Kenyon
Michael Koryta
John Langan
Tim Lebbon
Seanan McGuire
Joe McKinney
Leigh Perry
Robert Shearman
Scott Smith
Lucy A. Snyder
David Wellington
Rio Youers

4 thoughts on “Seize the Night–Cover & ToC

  1. I didn’t realize vampires appealed to you, Laird. I am excited to read this. I love, LOVE Tim Lebbon! Uh, after you, Mr. Barron. of course 🙂

    • Laird says:

      I am fond of vampires, although not particularly interested in writing about the traditional iterations of the myth. “The Siphon” dealt with vampiric creatures associated with Greek mythology. This latest story skews far from Dracula territory as well.

  2. I’ve seen vampire things form Lindqvist and Langan before, and it does not surprise me that some of Old Leech’s hatchlings are on a liquid diet. This is gonna be good.

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