New Cthulhu 2


January 21, 2015 by Laird

Thank you to Paula Guran for reprinting Mysterium Tremendum in New Cthulhu 2: More Recent Weird. This anthology is a big old beast with tales by Wilum Pugmire, John Langan, Elizabeth Bear and many others.

Paula has also purchased another story of mine called “A Clutch” for an upcoming anthology. I’m slowly working on a sequence featured in the quasi medieval setting of the first chapter of The Croning. Antiquity is a twilight world of talking animals, black magicians, and the Cult of the Leech. More to come.


2 thoughts on “New Cthulhu 2

  1. nickthehat says:

    Very exciting stuff in the works, most pleasing!

  2. Laird says:

    Thanks, Nick.

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