Watch This: Jekyll


January 15, 2015 by Laird

I haven’t owned a TV in years, and even when I did, my writing career had already severely limited my free time. So, I tend to catch up with shows well after their original run. At the moment, I’m most of the way through Jekyll, a BBC mini series that ran in 2007. As it happens, I went into this one cold (and cynical), thinking to watch EP 1 and see how they handled the Jekyll/Hyde transformation. What I didn’t expect was to discover one of the most compelling science fiction/horror/thrillers imaginable.

Review incoming.

6 thoughts on “Watch This: Jekyll

  1. Lesley Ann says:

    James Nesbitt is brilliant in this role. This reminds me to look for the DVD which is uncut and to email BBC for a second season.

  2. Martin Rose says:

    For years now, when I have the time to watch something, BBC has been my go-to, thanks to an unsavory British character my mother used to date. I often find their programming delivers above and beyond their American counterparts. I will look forward to digging up Jekyll.

  3. nickthehat says:

    Don’t recall this series, how exciting, something to look forward too!

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