Third Eye


January 13, 2015 by Laird

I’m hoping to write an essay about the Third Eye company responsible for all those ’60s and ’70s black light posters. ETA: I recently sold a vampire story wherein black light plays a small, but pivotal role, so this chance feels like synchronicity. Until then, here’s a nice gallery of their art. Groovy.

art by John Buscema; via Comic Book Resources

5 thoughts on “Third Eye

  1. Corey French says:

    My old man has a collection of old Marvel posters done by Third Eye. I believe; him and I aren’t exactly on the best of terms these days. Before he went off to fight the Great American Pastime in Iraq and Afghanistan, there was always one or two to be found in his garage/workshop. I don’t think I was ever lucky enough to see one actually lit up under a black light, but the prints of the Avengers and the Gods of Asgard still stand out to me. What are you going to be writing about in your essay, Laird?

  2. Laird says:

    Sound pretty close to my relationship with my dad the Marine. An essay/article about the company. Depends how research goes, but the Marvel ties are a big draw.

  3. Jonathan Sprague says:

    Having attended college from 1968-72 and participated in psychedelic wanderings, I appreciate your posting of the more trippy posters, here. Viewing them I had a “flashback” (or just a memory?) of walking into many a headshop while tripping out of my gourd and entering the blacklit backroom where the psychedelic posters were kept. One could lose himself back there. I did.

  4. I loves me some Big John B.! I’m looking forward to the essay.

  5. Nick Martin says:

    an artist worth checking out maybe, modern underground take on black light posters.

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