North of the Wall


January 13, 2015 by Laird

Matthew Good says, “Gonna die in Coquitlam.”

This time of year, I used to say, I’m gonna die in Shaktoolik.

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6 thoughts on “North of the Wall

  1. cmgardner says:

    The fact that you know of Matthew Good just blew my mind completely. Oh you layered, layered soul.

  2. I’d rather die on the Chattahoochee, on a hot July night, not on that cold tundra you have pictured above. Brrr!

    • Laird says:

      One year I was caught in a ground storm between Shaktoolik and Koyuk. So cold that when I reached inside my parka hood to adjust my ski goggles, the plastic crumbled.

      • So when stuff like that happened, did you shake your fist at the sky and cuss a blue streak, or did you just laugh?

      • Laird says:

        I was twenty-one and immortal. Until I breathed in negative seventy or eighty Fahrenheit with the windchill. Then I was just thinking, oh, this is what I’m gonna die tastes like.

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