Tahiti Is a Magical Place


December 19, 2014 by Laird

Robert Aickman is the kind of writer who makes one better for having read him. Cold Hand in Mine is a great collection, and particularly a great collection of the so-called weird tale. It’s my favorite, but the man will prove unerringly brilliant whatever book of his you happen to come across. An elusive, yet palpable connection persists between Aickman’s strange stories, and joins his collections together until they coexist and cooperate like discrete elements of a nervous system.

Thanks to David Davis at Weird Fiction Review for affording me the opportunity to explore one of Robert Aickman’s most famous tales, The Hospice.

Image by Ida Kar, vintage bromide print, 1960

Image by Ida Kar, vintage bromide print, 1960 (via Weird Fiction Review)

One thought on “Tahiti Is a Magical Place

  1. Dave Smith says:

    Oh wow, Aickman…have not read him in some years, but if there are ten short stories that have haunted me all my life (and I doubt there are), Niemandswasser (sic?) and The Same Dog are on the list, along with Ramsey Campbell’s Again, come to think of it. Now there’s a list to devise as I try to go to sleep at night…

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