All Hallows Eve


October 31, 2014 by Laird

I recently chatted with Sean & Charles on the Miskatonic Musings podcast. We covered a lot of ground, ranging from freezing my Balzac up in Alaska, to “More Dark” and True Detective, to the Steele/Lockhart joint, The Children of Old Leech and plenty of other stuff besides.

Paul St. John Mackintosh recently wrapped a three part review of my collections with an article covering The Beautiful Thing That Awaits Us All.

Stephen Graham Jones and Richard Thomas conducted an AMA at Reddit.

In light of yesterday’s post: Stephen Jones (the editor) recently held forth with typical candor. His references to Lovecraft’s detractors as “meddlers” and “pygmies” certainly catches the eye.

Happy Halloween, everybody.

9 thoughts on “All Hallows Eve

  1. As part of a “very tiny minority with debatable skills and taste”, I’ve decided that you are deserving of a Happy Halloween in return. Also, here are some accolades: Your writing is fantastic! All dogs think you’re awesome!

    Detractor Livia

  2. s says:

    when you were reading poetry constantly, did you gravitate towards contemporary poetry or the “older stuff”? i would be curious to know some of your favorite poets, as well as those you feel may have influenced–or otherwise seeped into–your fiction. enjoyed the interview. many thanks

  3. Laird says:

    Hi, S: Newer, although I grew up on the likes of Poe, Browning, Byron, etc. My favorite modern poets are Charles Simic, Mark Strand, Sylvia Plath, Ted Hughes, ee cummings, Wallace Stevens, Anne Sexton, and Steve Harris. James Dickey is another…He and Simic probably influence me more than anyone.

  4. Laird,
    I wish that interview was longer.
    You are an excellent conversationalist. I didn’t expect you to sound the way you do; I was expecting a rough voice acquired by drinking and talking all night.
    Do the French Decadents do anything for you? Baudelaire, Ribaud, etc. ?

    • Laird says:

      Thank you, Sharon. The FDs aren’t a major influence of mine, although I enjoy Baudelaire and have referenced him in a story or two.

  5. Jonathan Sprague says:

    Wow! Before this podcast, I enjoyed Barron the writer, now I GREATLY admire Barron the man.What an interview! You, sir, are an excellent conversationalist: informed, funny, engaging and self-effacing (at least for a successful writer). In writing and conversation, you’re incapable of being boring.

    I eagerly await the forthcoming publication of your horror/crime/ noir. To some extent, your transition reminds me of Joe Lansdale’s journey from horror to crime fiction.

    Again, a stellar interview.

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