Everything is Terrifying


October 28, 2014 by Laird

Took a train into the city with John Langan and Jessica M. I signed a few papers at HQ, then my fabulous agent Janet Reid took us over to Max Brenner for lunch, and Lo! it was good. Gourmet macaroni and a couple glasses of Maker’s Mark are hard to beat.

Then it was off to the Strand for the 7pm Everything is Terrifying reading with John, Grady Hendrix, Ellen Datlow, and JT Petty. Thanks to Grady for organizing the event, the staff for hosting us, and to everyone who came out and bought books. John and I read essays; Ellen read a piece by Nicholas Royle; JT Petty read a story by his wife Sarah Langan (she was unable to attend) and gave a talk; and Grady Hendrix wrapped the show with a horrifyingly amusing series of anecdotes about temping in LA that would raise Thomas Ligotti’s eyebrows.

I owe a big thanks to Janet and her assistant Penny for making the business aspect of the trip so smooth. Much appreciated, ladies.

B0_8lxZIAAAfP0k.jpg largeImage courtesy Livia Llewellyn

6 thoughts on “Everything is Terrifying

  1. JanetReid says:

    There was a reason I couldn’t go to sleep till late late late after that reading, and Sarah Langan’s story is it! YIKES!

  2. griffinwords says:

    Gourmet mac and Makers Mark? Sounds ilke I need to hurry up and get an agent!

  3. lilthundercloud says:

    It was a great reading. A job well done by all!

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