Heading into October Country


September 30, 2014 by Laird

A few items to relay:

*Ellen Datlow’s Nightmare Carnival is out next week. Stories by Stephen Graham Jones, Jeffrey Ford, Livia Llewellyn and others. My latest Jessica Mace tale is in there– “Screaming Elk, MT.”

indexImage courtesy Amazon.com

*Also hitting the shelves next week is Year’s Best Weird Fiction, Volume One. Currently available as an ebook…

*I’ve written an introduction for the Penguin Classics line. More on that soon.

*Marina Hume interviewed me the other day for Good Reads Mad reads

*Paul St. John Mackintosh reviews The Imago Sequence for Teleread

*In other news, today is release day for the latest Stephen Graham Jones collection, After the People Lights Have Gone Off

indeximage courtesy Amazon.com

*Nick Kaufmann’s newest book also arrives today: Die and Stay Dead

2 thoughts on “Heading into October Country

  1. Josh walker says:

    I am about half way through After the People Lights Have Gone Off, and it is great. Thanks for introducing me to a new writer and keep the suggestions coming.

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