Coyote from Hell


August 25, 2014 by Laird

Here is a creepy and beautiful piece of art depicting a scene from “–30–.” I wrote this story as a donation for a Shirley Jackson Awards fundraiser back in 2009 and it was first published in my Occultation collection. The artist is Ten Wendlant . Please, go visit Ten’s site.

ten coyote

 Image courtesy Ten Wendlandt

2 thoughts on “Coyote from Hell

  1. Kevin z says:

    Very cool art. To satisfy curiosity I must ask: Coyotes have shown up in a couple of your stories with a more…vicious nature from the characters perspective than I’ve seen elsewhere. Something, I feel, is more aligned with the traits that help it scavenge and survive as widespread as it is (I live in a large town/small city and have a pack in my backyard my cattle dogs keep out), survive alongside big cousin Wolf and also earn its place in mythologies.

    Does this come from observing them where you grew up? Gleaning a more honest take on them?

    • Laird says:

      I admire coyotes and encountered them growing up in Alaska. I don’t mean to malign them, but they certainly can be aggressive. Of course –30– doesn’t really feature them as antagonists and in The Carrion Gods…the black magic of the pelt and human nature are to blame, not necessarily the big coyote…

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