In a Cavern, in a Canyon


July 3, 2014 by Laird

I just received a copy of The Children of Old Leech, an anthology assembled by Ross Lockhart and Justin Steele. It’s a fine-looking book. Thank you to Ross, Justin, and the contributors. I’m happy to see great reviews coming in already. Thunderstorms are rolling up the Hudson Valley tonight. Couldn’t be a better time to check this out…

The Children of Old Leech

12 thoughts on “In a Cavern, in a Canyon

  1. T.E. Grau says:

    I hope you enjoy it, Laird. It feels good to give a little back.

  2. Jonathan Sprague says:

    Justin’s comically affectionate intro is itself worth the purchase price. It’s good to see that your fellow authors view you with a combustible mixture of awe, admiration and fear. And Gemma Files’ “The Harrow” starts the worshipful anthology with a bang.

    • Laird says:

      I am a fan of Gemma’s work.

      • Jonathan Sprague says:

        So far, this anthology is terrific. I especially loved Paul Tremblay’s masterful, chilling and unique “Notes for the Barn in the Wild.” I’ll never look at barns the same way again.

  3. Grim says:

    I remember reading The Croning for the second time while snowed in and under the influence of some heavy painkillers. Between the terrifying prose, the effects of the drugs and hammering of the wind outside it was truly an epic experience. I envy you your reading experience as tonight’s heavy weather rolls through.

    • Laird says:

      Thanks, Grim. I think it adds a nice layer of immersion to read horror under adverse circumstances. The book is great so far.

  4. tom fattorusso says:

    I have the painkillers on tap and the book is in my hands!! cannot wait-

  5. Rob Davis says:

    I’m just a couple stories in, but so far, I love it. The first of what will hopefully be many anthologies dedicated to, inspired by, & set in the terrifyingly beautiful world that you have created, Mr. Barron. I have read & re-read all of your stories & The Croning, & I just can’t seem to get enough.

    • Jonathan Sprague says:

      I’m more than half way through “Old Leach” and two stories in particular are outstanding: Grau’s eldritch beatnik “Love Songs from the Hydrogen Jukebox” (Ferlinghetti/Burroughs going Mythos) and Tremblay’s terrifying “Notes for the Barn in the Wild.” Mr. Barron’s great talents have motivated other writers to up their game. “Old Leach” is a spectacularly good anthology.

      • Rob Davis says:

        Now I’m especially looking forward to those two, but I’m not there yet. Thanks, Jonathan, I’ll post again after I finish.

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