Dangerous Visionary


May 28, 2014 by Laird

I got ahold of Dangerous Visions when I was ten or eleven. That anthology had something to do with the writer I’d eventually become.

Years later, when I was first starting to get published, Gordon Van Gelder introduced me to Harlan Ellison at the Nebula Convention in Seattle. The seats were all taken, so Harlan sat in Gordon’s lap and chatted us all up. He gave me some career advice; he also introduced me to book-saidisms, sent me an ancient mimeograph essay on the subject. I took it to heart.

Happy birthday, Mr. Ellison. And thanks.

Image of Harlan Ellisonimage via amazon


6 thoughts on “Dangerous Visionary

  1. Kevin z says:

    This will be a good thing to start off the summer. Thanks for the share! Also, in lieu of the Bathgate music post a short while ago I’ve been digging the album “Murder Ballads” by Nick Cave and the Badseeds. Certainly worth a listen

  2. lilthundercloud says:

    It was Harlan’s Dangerous Visions and follow-up anthology Again, Dangerous Visions that introduced me to so many wonderful writers. It was like a magical shortcut to Poul Anderson, Larry Niven, Theodore Sturgeon, Gahan Wilson, T. L. Sherred, Ursula K. Le Guin and Robert Bloch. Harlan Ellison helped shape the reader that I am today!

  3. Laird says:

    Those were damned good anthologies.

    • lilthundercloud says:

      A recommendation from your favorite author can carry such weight. Laird, you turned me on to the likes of Stephen Graham Jones, Livia Llewellyn, Michael Cisco and Norman Partidge. Thanks Laird!

  4. Laird says:

    You are welcome, LTC!

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