Rolling Stone is in Carcosa


March 10, 2014 by Laird

True Detective has wrapped its first season, and by all accounts went out on top. Go check out Five Things We Learned From True Detective. No. 4 deals with the weird fiction inspirations of True Detective. It is gratifying to get a mention in RS alongside Thomas Ligotti and Joe Pulver’s A Season in Carcosa. Next? That semi-nude photo shoot in Carcosa Entertainment Weekly…

photo courtesy of Lacey Terrell/HBO

12 thoughts on “Rolling Stone is in Carcosa

  1. samco13 says:

    That is indeed pretty weird in and of itself, although certainly welcome! Let’s begin the speculation on which story of yours shall be the first to be filmed. My money is on “The Men From Porlock” or maybe “The Light Is The Darkness.” Once the rubes have been acclimated, hit ’em with “Bulldozer” or “Hallucegenia.” Woks for me!

  2. Tim Wright says:

    ‘The Men From Porlock’ would make a fantastic film. Too bad Sam Peckinpah isn’t around to do it justice. Carpenter in his prime would’ve killed it, Jacques Tourneur…So yeah, Laird, any modern filmmakers you’d particularly like to see adapt your work?

    • Laird says:

      Miike; Antti-Jussi-Annila (Sauna); von Trier…oh, and the Coens.

      • Tim Wright says:

        There you go. Hadn’t even considered the Coen’s, but their work on ‘No Country For Old Men’ (and even ‘A Serious Man’) proves they know how to bring the mounting dread. And ‘Sauna’ is fantastic.

  3. boozegoat says:

    Hope it’s Hallucigenia, gotta have more Choates Brothers.

  4. lilthundercloud says:

    My top pics would include -30-, Hand of Glory and LD50. Or maybe The Redfield Girls, The Siphon and Mysterium Tremendum. Or…there is no end to the list of Laird’s work that would look shit-hot on the big screen!!

  5. Laird says:

    Thanks, LTC.

  6. Jason Radak says:

    I learned about King in Yellow last summer at NecronomiCon when I attended the Season in Carcosa readings. I bought the anthology, then I got KIY to prepare for reading it. I loved both. Thanks for getting me up to speed for True Detective, Laird!

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