True Influences


February 14, 2014 by Laird

A neat article at io9 about the influences and easter eggs of True Detective. A small name check for Ligotti and me.

The One Literary Reference You Must Know to Appreciate ​True Detectivephoto from io9

4 thoughts on “True Influences

  1. griffinwords says:

    Congrats on the mention, Laird. I remember when you first mentioned Between Here and the Yellow Sea on your blog, years back. I bought the book and never got around to reading it. Must make it a priority.

  2. Kenton Sem says:

    Thanks for posting that link, Laird. The trick for the series will be to see if it can stick to its guns. Much of the finest weird fiction is not simply a quest to induce “cosmic fear”. It also unflinchingly explores the bleakest implications of the enigma of existence. Hit series material? I hope so!

  3. Laird says:

    Hi, Kenton. Looks like it’s found a big audience for sure.

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