State of the Union LB Edition with music


October 9, 2013 by Laird

I’m wrapping up a crime novel–it’s three quarters of the way to draft. Ardor, the next collection needs an original novella and some touch up work. I’ll turn that over to my agent mid 2014. It’s an Alaska-themed horror collection. Less emphasis on cosmic terrors and more focused on noir and thriller aspects. I’ve already placed a handful of original stories in various anthologies slated for 2014, as well as some reprints and foreign sales. Additionally, I’ve been commissioned to write three introductions and seven or eight new stories for upcoming anthologies. Busy times.

Thank you to the publishers, editors, and readers for all your support.

Here’s what I have out, or forthcoming, for 2013:

The Beautiful Thing That Awaits Us All, Night Shade Books

“Rex” Gigantic Worlds

“Slave Arm” Blood Type

“Termination Dust” Tales of Jack the Ripper

“Ardor” Suffered from the Night

“Black Dog” Halloween: Magic, Mystery, & the Macabre

“The Beatification of Custer Poe” Shades of Blue & Gray

“Nemesis” Primeval Magazine

“Jaws of Saturn” The Beautiful Thing That Awaits Us All

“LD50” Weaponized (and here at the site)

“Blood & Stardust” Mad Scientist’s Guide to World Domination

And here’s some Local H to take it on out:

4 thoughts on “State of the Union LB Edition with music

  1. tom fattorusso says:

    Already read Termination Dust- it reads like Friday the 13 part 10 on crack- loved it!
    You now have Joe Hill in your rearview as far as I am concerned though (thanks to you) I read Nathan B. and he is riding shotgun in your car! BRUTAL Baby..

  2. Laird says:

    Hi, Tom. Glad you like Ballingrud–he’s exceptional.

  3. Durand Welsh says:

    Looking forward to the crime novel. I’m guessing it’ll be more Mike Hammer than Kay Scarpetta.

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