Watch This: Intermission in Hell


October 5, 2013 by Laird

This little cartoon will give you nightmares, just like Bambi did when you were a kid. Maybe worse. Be warned–NSFW. Possibly not safe for anywhere.

12 thoughts on “Watch This: Intermission in Hell

  1. I’m going to imagine this is what happened not only to the intermission reel but also the films themselves at Joe R. Lansdale’s drive-in after that big toothy meteor came sskipping by.

  2. Deliciously disturbing.

  3. isylumn says:

    Reblogged this on My Isylumn and commented:
    Holy mother-of-guh… ooh, chocolate sprinkles.

  4. nickthehat says:

    That was fantastic! Thanks!

  5. lilthundercloud says:

    Wow. There’s something seriously violating about innocent images gone awry. I may never be able visit the concession stand again! Ever!

  6. karlpfeiffer says:

    I always hate devolving chats to “let me show you THIS youtube video now too!” but if you haven’t seen The Cat With Hands, it could be the best thing on Youtube

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