The Black Guide & The Beautiful Playlist


September 28, 2013 by Laird

The Black Guide mysteriously–and often with fatal consequences–appears in a few of my stories. Some have compared it to the much more infamous Necronomicon, but that’s not quite right. It’s simply a guidebook, a traveler’s almanac to quaint and curious destinations. I was sitting around drinking with Paul Tremblay and John Langan a few years ago and one of us came up with the idea for the book and how it would be featured by each of us in various stories. So if you keep an eye peeled, you just might find hints of it in work you’d least expect.

Meanwhile, Paul put together a project with students in his high school writing club wherein everybody contributed an entry for The Black Guide. It’s damned cool.













My industrious comrade also sets my new collection to music with The Beautiful Thing That Awaits Us All Playlist. Paul knows his music. And, just like Paul, it’s not safe for work.


5 thoughts on “The Black Guide & The Beautiful Playlist

  1. Ex-pat in Oz says:

    I love the black book as a recurring trophe– a simple device that has so much utility.

    Also– dig the vid.

    Also– love how much you’re posting. A tremendous way to build the fanbase.

    Any chance you might do an interview you could post here? Maybe based on questions from fans?

  2. […] the themes or mood of the work. Nothing original about the idea (check out this excellent playlist, but I love making parallels between literature and music and I think that these stories evoke a […]

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