Listen to This: Clutch


September 8, 2013 by Laird

My good friend Paul Tremblay turned me on to Clutch a couple of years ago. For that, I’ll put in a good word for him with the eldritch darkness when it comes sloughing.

I give you “The Regulator”

4 thoughts on “Listen to This: Clutch

  1. Sam Cowan says:

    Wow man. Never really listened to Clutch before, this is pretty kickin’. I like the music, and the words even more. Good call.

  2. Durand Welsh says:

    I agree. Got the single after hearing it on an old episode of The Walking Dead.

  3. Circa 1993 a good friend and I – then in high school – went to see Sepultura on the Chaos A.D. tour. Opening bands were two we’d never heard of and Fudge Tunnel, who we’d become somewhat endeared to via there heavy novelty covers of Cream’s Sunshine of Your Love and that crazy bow-and-arrow guy’s Cat Scratch Fever. Anyway, we’re waiting for the first band – a then unknown named Fear Factory – to begin. We’d arrived early and had plenty of time to stand around and make fun of both Fear Factory (“Oooo, is that where they make ‘The Fear’?) and another unknown named Clutch.

    Well guess what?

    Fudge Tunnel was probably pretty good but honestly I barely remember them because Fear Factory opened and were fantastic – a little scary even. And Clutch just killed it. They created a palpable sense of menace that was as beautiful as it was impossible not to throw yourself around to. A very good night and a very important lesson learned.

    Oh, and Sepultura was fantastic.

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