Read this: Dark Gods


September 1, 2013 by Laird

Here’s a link to a recommendation I’ve made time and again. Dark Gods is one of the all time classics of horror and dark fantasy. Get hip to TED Klein if you haven’t already.

The Book I would like to be buried with

4 thoughts on “Read this: Dark Gods

  1. lilthundercloud says:

    Sir, yes, sir!

  2. I have a wonderful used library copy I got a few years ago after I saw you and S.T. Joshi throw the name around in various essays and interviews. “More Dark” is definitely in the territory of “Black Man with A Horn” (albeit with fresher points of reference).

  3. James McGlothlin says:

    For me, this slim book probably ranks as THE best horror anthology EVER! Every story here is utterly creepy. Funny to me though, “Nadleman’s God” is, I think, hands down the best story in this volume; but for the the life of me I’ve NEVER heard anybody talk about it or even reference it.

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